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Harold Zwiers, Den Ham

The past 20 years Absolute National Topper on all races above 900 km !!!

In this auction you have the chance to get a hold of a beautiful 2017 youngster from the top fancier Harold Zwiers from Den Ham. On all races above 900 km (morning and afternoon releases) he belongs to the top of the Netherlands. It is not entirely unimportant to note that not only he performs well with his pigeons, but that other fanciers also perform well with Harold’s pigeons or with descendants from the pigeons of the man from the municipality of Twenterand. After all, his strain can be crossed very well. Just look at the references of the last years http://www.haroldzwiers.nl/referenties/ Do you also want to put in a nice performance, then you now have the chance to buy a nice and charming pigeon.

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