A selection of my base pigeons:

Harold Zwiers of Den Ham

on all races over 900 km (morning and afternoon release) he is among the top of the Netherlands.

It is not unimportant that he not only races well with the pigeons himself, but also that other fanciers race well with his birds or with descendants from pigeons from the man from the municipality of Twenterand. After all, his strain can be crossed very well. Just look at the references of the past years http://www.haroldzwiers.nl/referenties/

The Basis
The basis of the pigeon strain of Harold comes from descendants of the top couple ‘1336’ x ‘Morsie.’ This couple is for the most part flooded with the blood of pigeons of Jan Theelen. ‘De 1336’ is entirely Theelen and ‘Morssie’ is 50% Theelen and the other half is the daughter of 1e nat. Perpignan of Jan Walpot and a son of 1e nat. St. Vincent of Van Zelderen. From this couple stems all the pigeons in the loft of Harold.

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